Home infestations are not limited to mice, cockroaches or ants. Many species of moths can find your household to be an extremely comfortable place, especially if they found their home in your carpets, wardrobe, or any other type of wool.

Moth’s life cycle is very quick and can multiply at an unprecedented rate. Adult female moths can lay from a hundred to six hundreds eggs in their short life depending on species and environmental conditions.

The most common moth species you can find is in the UK households are common cloths moths, brown house moths, case bearing clothes moths and white shouldered house moths. Each one brings their own set of problems.

Choosing the most appropriate moth pest control can be challenging without identifying the species of the moth. It’s crucial that you call your trusted pest control specialists to remove all of these textile’ pests on day one.


Mature moths don’t cause nearly as much damage as their larvae. Larvae consume a lot more food than the adults, leaving significant damage to the materials left behind. The objective of the adult moth is to mate, lay eggs and die.

Different species of moths can cause a range of problems in your home. Food moths are commonly found in the UK in opened packets of grains, cereals or pet foods. As soon as you notice any sign of crawling caterpillars on fabrics it’s time to act before they hatch and reproduce even more.

Many people attempt to remove moths infestations by themselves; unfortunately this is almost always a wasted effort, as finding and killing all the eggs, larvae and adults is extremely challenging. This is why we use specialist equipment to remove those unwanted pests once and for all from your household.

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