Fleas are one of the most common infestations in the UK households, as they usually spread from pets such as cats or dogs, but most of our hairy friends can carry these pesky pests. It’s time to do something about them!

Fleas are parasites which means they need to feed on their host to survive. Although many species live on the animal, some tend to hide and only nip on the pet or human once a day to get all the nutrients they require.
Unfortunately there is no easy way to find them until thousands of them have hatched and started to cause you a nuisance. They can leap incredibly far, making it easy to find their next victim to feed off.

Summer is the busiest period for the common flea; the warmer weather makes it ideal to find most hosts outside, and once they are in the safety of your household they become a real problem for yourself and your pets.


It is almost impossible to spot a flea egg before it hatches; not only are they really tiny, but also transparent. The only way to prevent fleas from entering your home is to prevent flea-infested animals from getting inside. If you have outside pets, they are likely to catch it by interacting with other infested-animals in their proximity.

Although you can treat your pet for fleas, those pests can can hide in a range of materials outside your pet. This includes carpets, clothes, bedsheets and anything that resembles fur. When the situation gets out of hand you can trust on your local pest control experts to tackle the job thoroughly on the first visit.

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