Cockroach are a well known pest that spread a range of unsanitary bacteria such as Salmonella, Streptococcus and E.coli. All cockroaches are adventurous scavengers that seek any organic matter they can find.
Cockroaches can feed on a lot of different materials; not just our human food. They are keen on leather, wallpaper, glue, soap, wool and many other organic materials such as sugar, rotten wood or even dry leaves.
Although they are often labelled as filthy or dirty they groom themselves as frequently as cats! Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop them from spreading a range of bacteria and diseases that cause asthma in many people.

Roaches usually lay eggs in a range of dark places such as behind or under cupboards, furniture, and kitchen appliances. They will start to lay their eggs if they find a good shelter with access to food and water.


Cockroaches are known for their superb survival skills; many species of cockroaches have even developed a strong resistance to insecticides! They can also survive without food for a month and reproduce incredibly efficiently.

To combat their evolutionary techniques, we heavily invested in next level pesticides and baits that we know get the job done. As those compounds can be dangerous to humans we take extra care in ensuring great health and safety of everyone in your household or premises.

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